Founded in 2001 in France, CREdit MUtuelle en Ligne (CREMUL) has spread throughout Europe since 2005. Today, we are No. 1 in online banking, with more than 1 Million customers.
We offer a short range of products, essentially: a current account, "liquid" savings products (Livret A, savings booklet Orange, LDD), a Life Insurance and a simplified range of funds.
It is by observing our customers that we have made this choice, and that is how we continue to improve our products and services.

Our strategy

We focus on organic growth, geographic expansion and product development. We are committed to the creation of a leading electronic and mobile bank.

Our vision

Under the banking license of the European Union, we aspire to become a 100% online and mobile international leader. We want to offer an ever broader product range to our customers to meet all their financial needs. The banking sector is changing rapidly. This opens up many opportunities. As a pioneer in mobile consumer loans in Europe, we are well positioned in this promising and optimistic environment. Our goal is to be at the forefront of the tic revolution in the banking sector. We put all our efficiency into developing simple electronic and mobile solutions that meet the expectations of today's customers. With CREdit MUtuelle en Ligne (CREMUL), the smartphone will become a mobile bank.