To study a credit application, a bank is interested in:

To the financial situation of the credit applicant by consulting a number of files,
Its present and future financial capacities,
The guarantees offered.

Bank files

Banks have at their disposal a certain number of files held by the Bank of France which enable them to know in particular the bad payers or the companies in difficulty. When a credit application is made by an individual, the bank consults the Central Check File (CFC) and the National Personal Credit Rebate (FICP) file.

It is virtually impossible to borrow or get an overdraft if one is in either of these files.


The Central Check File

The central bank of unpaid checks (FCC) was created in 1955. This file is managed by the Banque de France and contains all the persons who are prohibited from issuing checks, whether this prohibition is bank or judicial as well as Persons who have abused their credit card.

Banking prohibitions

Banking is prohibited for all those who have issued bad checks without regularizing the incidents.

When the Account Holder (or his agent) issues a NSF check, it is forbidden to issue checks for 5 years until he has regularized the incident (s); This prohibition applies in all banks.

Regularization can be done in three ways:


  • Handing over to the bank the unpaid checks (which proves that the beneficiary has been reimbursed),
  • Payment of the check or checks during a new presentation,
  • Blocking the provision corresponding to the sums due in order to allow the payment of the check or checks initially rejected.

The blocking of the provision consists of withdrawing from the account a certain sum by allocating it to a separate account in order to allow the payment of the checks during a new presentation (this is the fastest method); Blocking does not cost anything because the cost is included in the charge for rejection costs.

Judicial prohibitions

Those who have been convicted by a court and who can not therefore have a check book for a certain period (up to 5 years) are prohibited.

The misuse of bank cards

In addition, in accordance with the grouping of bank cards "CB", the central check file brings together decisions to withdraw bank cards for misuse by the institutions belonging to this group (maximum registration period: 2 years) .

Dissemination of information

The Banque de France selectively informs the accounting institutions of bank bans that may be imposed on their clients by colleagues.
These prohibitions were immediately declared to the Banque de France as of the first incident.
The Banque de France has been legally authorized to examine the bank account file (Ficoba), managed by the Directorate-General for Taxation, in order to identify all accounts held by a check prohibition; It also informs the establishments of adjustments made by their customers on their other accounts in the same way.