To open an account, you must be able to prove your identity, be able or be represented, provide proof of residence and information and documents about your financial situation and sources of income.


All you have to do is present a national identity card, a passport or a resident card.



To provide proof of your domicile, you must provide a rent receipt or an invoice issued by certain companies or administrations (telephone company, electricity supplier, Public Treasury, etc.) in your name.

Financial situation

Since 1 January 2009, as part of the fight against money laundering, French legislation imposes new obligations on all banks to monitor "the professional, economic and financial situation of the client".

At the opening of the account, the bank must ask you: the justification of the address of your domicile, your current professional activity, your income or any element allowing to estimate your resources, any element allowing to appreciate the patrimony client. This information must be regularly updated (article L.561-1 et seq of the Monetary and Financial Code).